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Unfortunately our day to day activities contribute to global climate change. We are here to help you take action by measuring your greenhouse gas footprint and offering carbon offsets to reach net-zero emissions.

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Carbon footprint calculator

Climate change is happening, what options do I have?

You might think that this problem is too big for you to solve. You might be right, but your individual impact will contribute towards the bigger picture, and together, we'll promote change to save our planet. Our goal at Decarb is to make this as easy as possible for you to have an impact.

If you want to be part of the solution, we've got your back!

Reduce carbon footprint

1 - Measure

Carbon footprint calculator

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Go and calculate the carbon emissions caused by your daily activities.

2 - Reduce

Reduce your carbon footprint

Change begins at the individual level. At Decarb, we help you reduce your carbon footprint one step at a time.

3 - Offset

Offset - Carbon credits

Finance projects that absorb carbon to offset your emissions. You will no longer be part of the problem.

Be part of the solution

Click below for instant access to our carbon footprint calculator.

Change the way you fight

Become part of the solution. If you want to stay on the loop!

We simplify for you

We will prepare a custom plan adapted for you based on your responses. It will be as easy as it can get. You will receive different recommendations, some might be evident but others are not that obvious.

Simplifying the fight against climate change
Saving the earth

Saving the earth is easy

Decarb helps you reduce your carbon footprint one step at a time. The first step is to complete a free self-assessment to measure what your current carbon footprint is. Based on your responses you will receive different recommendations for you to start having an impact.

Be part of the solution

Click below for instant access to our carbon footprint calculator.

Offset your carbon footprint

If you cannot further reduce your carbon footprint. Decarb also allows you to offset your carbon footprint, we will capture carbon so you become carbon neutral!

Carbon footprint calculator


Certified carbon offsets

Our Carbon Offsets are certified by United Nations CERs, Verified Carbon Standards VCS or other equivalent standards.


Stripe - secure payments

Security is one of the biggest considerations in everything we do, this is why we use Stripe as our payment platform.


Become carbon neutral

We have already offseted more than 100 metric tonnes of CO2. Be part of the solution!

Be part of the solution

Click below to offset your carbon footprint.


We started Decarb to help people take action against climate change. And we want to make it easy, so everyone can join us. That’s why we developed this tool, to provide an easy-to-follow path towards sustainability.

Carbon footprint calculator
Our mission

Our Mission

Accelerate the transition to a sustainable and low carbon economy, by investing and developing game-changing technologies and projects. Our goal is to decouple growth from carbon emissions and material consumption.

We lead by example

The internet uses a lot of energy, 10% of global electricity consumption. Internet is also responsible for 5% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Learn what we do to help.

Be efficient
Only 0.17g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits our website. That is better than 90% of the internet!

Fewer images, less data, simple and efficient settings.

Even if we try to maintain the most efficient site, we have some emissions. Don't worry, we offset the carbon we generate.

Carbon neutral site

We answer your questions

See below most asked questions. If you do not find an answer, please send us an email at contact@decarb.co

Thank you.

Carbon footprint calculator questions

At Decarb we help you measure, reduce and offset your carbon footprint.

We use a carbon footprint calculator, you answer questions about yourself and we calculate the emissions associated with your activities. Your footprint is measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

You can reduce your carbon footprint with small actions like walking or biking. Others might be more difficult and sometimes some habits might need to be changed. At Decarb we create a custom list of actions for you!

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.

1 - Measure - Calculate your carbon footprint. Use our FREE online carbon footprint calculator.
2 - Reduce - We will send a customize action plan to help you reduce your emissions.
3 - Offset - Offset from our portfolio: view projects from our carbon offset portfolio.

Climate change is a significant long-term change in the expected patterns of weather over a significant period of time. Climate change is about unusual variations to the climate and the effects of these variations on Earth, it could be changes of temperature, glaciers shrunk, accelerated sea-level rise and longer, more intense heat waves and droughts.

Earth’s climate has always changed, even without the influence of humans, Earth has natural climate changes. The danger comes from the anthropogenic climate change, which means the climate changed produced by humans.

Earth’s climate has always changed, it is driven by the amount of energy received and lost. The Earth has natural cycles that drive climate without human influence. The main factors that contribute to natural climate change are the earth axial tilt around the sun, the energy from the sun (light), ocean warming and cooling cycles, volcanic activities, and glacial cycles. In the last 650,000 years, the Earth has seen seven ice ages.

Anthropogenic climate change is caused by humans. It is directly linked to the burnt of fossil fuels, aerosol releases, and deforestation. With the Industrial Revolution, we can see a major spike in temperature levels and climate influences. Fossil fuel burning creates greenhouse gas: carbon dioxide which traps heat.

Reduce your carbon footprint, by avoiding and reducing your GHG emissions. You can promote carbon sinks, plant trees and avoid deforestation.

Your carbon footprint measures the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, household or organization. Our day to day activities are responsible for climate change.

A carbon sink is a reservoir that absorbs more carbon dioxide than it releases. The ocean is a natural carbon sink but sinks can also be artificial, Climeworks is removing carbon from the air in Iceland.

There were indeed ice ages and warm ages before, there are two main differences though, first the speed of the change, in the past, it did not change that fast. Second current natural causes of climate change can not explain the rapid temperature rise, some scientist even says that temperatures should go down towards an ice age.

In the last 650,000 years, we have never seen carbon dioxide above 300 parts per million. With the industrial revolution, we have seen the concentration skyrocket. There is a close relationship between carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas and temperature, GHG concentration in the atmosphere increases, so does the temperature. Note that homo sapiens (us) have been around for just 350,000 years.

Carbon concentration

Source: Nasa, This graph, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO2 has increased since the Industrial Revolution. (Credit: Luthi, D., et al.. 2008; Etheridge, D.M., et al. 2010; Vostok ice core data/J.R. Petit et al.; NOAA Mauna Loa CO2 record.)

Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities, and most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.

Climate change refers to the long-term trends of global average temperature, humidity and climate patterns over the years, decades or centuries.
While global warming refers to the period from 1850 to 1980 where greenhouse gas emissions from humans warmed significantly the earth.

A greenhouse gas, a.k.a. GHG is a gas present in our atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiant energy. Greenhouse gases cause the greenhouse effect, heat is absorbed by the atmosphere, responsible for the increasing temperatures. The main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone.

Not all greenhouse gases are created equal. Some have more impact than others. Water vapor and clouds account for between 36-72%, carbon dioxide between 9-26%, methane between 4-9% and ozone 3 to 7%. An increase in temperatures will create more water vapor, exacerbating the problem.

A tree can absorb 21kg (48lbs) of CO2 per year and can sequester 1 ton of CO2 by the time it reaches 40 years old.

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Terms of Use

Decarb allows you to purchase carbon offsets from selected projects. We want to make sure that the projects are certified by the United Nations certified emission reductions (CERs) or others equivalent standard.

Decarb’s limitation

Decarb provides a platform for Buyers to understand, learn and reduce their carbon emissions as well as purchasing carbon offsets and/or credits from projects located around the world. By shopping at Decarb, you agree to:

You are at least eighteen (18) years old;
You have the authority and capability to enter in to a legal contract;
All payments are to be made through Stripe;
All prices are in US Dollars;
While you will pay the price shown on the website, Decarb will take 15% of the proceeds from your purchase price to cover administration costs and variable charges.
Decarb holds a stock of carbon credits, after purchase, Decarb will retire the carbon credits from its inventory. This is essential to ensure the credits are not recirculated or resold.

Communicating with project developers (Sellers)

The contact information for the Seller will be posted on the project’s listing. Feel free to communicate directly with the Seller if you have any questions about the project. However, you may not:

Send unsolicited advertisements or promotions, request for donations, or other spam;
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Interfere with the business of the project developer in any way.


Images and information belong to our Decarb or its partners. You can’t steal, edit, distribute or duplicate their information from our website.

Purchasing carbon offsets at Decarb

When you buy carbon offsets on Decarb, you’re directly supporting a third-party business, you agree to:
Having read the project information, including the project description, before making a purchase;
Submitting appropriate and timely payment for the credits purchased;
Decarb will retire the credits on your behalf in the UN system or in any other platform.


Carbon credits are non-refundable. The carbon offsets you purchase will be retired by Decarb so that they cannot be resold or recirculated.

Tax Deduction

Your purchase of carbon credits/offsets may be tax deductible depending on the laws of your home country. Decarb cannot warranty nor provide advice about tax deduction. Please consult a local professional.

Governing Law

The laws of Canada govern transactions on the Decarb platform.

How it works

Determine the number of carbon credits you need to offset your carbon footprint.
Pick a project, select the number of credits you wish to purchase, and then add them to your basket. Proceed to the checkout and pay through Stripe.
We will retire the credits within 7 days from the purchase.
You will receive an email to confirm your purchase.

If you feel that we are not abiding by these terms, you should contact us via email manuel @ decarb.co

GDPR Compliance

At Decarb we are fully committed to our users privacy, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. We are also fully compliant with the GDPR regulations. We ensure your data is kept safely and securely stored. If you have any questions please contact privacy@decarb.co

To help protect your privacy and comply with the GDPR we offer the following services

We have a desginaged Data Protection Officer, please contact at privacy@decarb.co .

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Download your personal data
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Every 12 months, we review all data and delete what is no longer necessary.

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Full account removal
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If you have any questions, you should contact us via email manuel @ decarb.co

We are very happy to celebrate our 1st annyversary

Decarb is all about making fighting climate change easier for everyone. So whether you are starting, taking the first step reducing your carbon footprin, looking for inspiration or becoming carbon neutral, we are happy that we share a common goal.

As a present, there is a 10% discount per tonne of CO2 you offset!*

one year anniversary

*Up to 10%.

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Decarb is all about making fighting climate change easier for everyone. Invest with us directly into solar projects, get a return while having impact.

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